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6 ways your shop can benefits from Taiwan tea powder

You own a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery or desserts store? We are the best choice for you. Serve a fresh authentic 500ml of tea can cost you less than 50 cents!

1.Fresh tea within 10 secs

Needless to say, profits from beverages are important for shops and restaurants. Taiwan tea powder is easy to store, easy to use, with long shelf life (2 years).

It's extremely fast to serve, you just have to put tea powder in a shaker/bottle (or hit with tea whisk) with water, when an order is placed. Shake/ whisk tea for 10 secs, voila, fresh & delicious tea with all the health benefits. 

No need to spend hours brewing tea in the morning (save you precious time and energy fee), no need to invest $15,000 or even $40000 in expensive equipment or store renovation. Use a shaker/ bottle/ tea whisk, you are good to go, no more than $10.  No tough learning curve for you and your employees.  

2. Bring extra health benefits in your menu

Tea powder is the only way to drink tea with fresh antioxidants (catechins) and dietary fiber.
And, a fact to share, green tea powder has more catechins than matcha. Even oolong and "iron goddness" have a certain high level of catechins. So, want more flavors in you healthy drinking menu? Use tea powder.

3. Natural strong flavor and color

Ground tea powder's color comes for tea leaves.

Oolong and "iron goddness" tea powder is brown, much like coffee. These two kinds of tea powder can stand high temperature baking, and still keep the fragrance and color. Hence, other than drinking, they are also extremely suitable with dairy products like milk tea, ice cream, custard...etc.

Taiwan green tea powder is know for natural sweetness and light-green color. It's best for direct drinking or with milk. Because of the tea making method is different, naturally, Taiwan green tea powder will not as green as matcha.

Tip: you want the green from matcha, but don't like to bitterness? Mix matcha and Taiwan green tea powder half-n-half. The result would be balanced fragrance , with natural sweetness and lower cost.

4.Direct supply, best quality

U•Nature produce our tea powder. You can order directly online, then your tea powder would be sent from Taiwan by express carrier. No middle man, best quality, transparent price.

Our tea farms located in eco-protected are, we offer refund guarantee if any quality issue happens. Tea powder id produced in HACCP & ISO certificated factory. Temperature and humidity are controlled whole year. We offer the best Taiwan tea powder.

With low minimum order quality for wholesale (1kg+free shipping), we support business of any size.

5. Standard recipe suggestion. Easy, no miss.

1 tsp tea powder + 500ml water = tea
1 tsp tea powder + 300 ml warm milk= latte
( or 100ml hot water to make tea first+ 200ml milk, depends on preference)
Add sugar as you wish.

Tea powder needs to be shaken within water bottle/ shaker or hit by tea whisk to make tea particles suspend in liquid. The liquid you choose should be warm. It will be much harder to use with cold liquid. If you want to make ice beverages, use less warm liquid first, then add ice cubes. For example, use 300ml warm water to shake tea powder, then add ice cubes to 500ml.

That being said, every shop can ( and should) adjust tea powder usage based on cup size, your personal taste and your customers preference. We don't have standard recipe for cold press juice, bakery or desserts industry, there are too many variations. 

6. Any things else interesting?

Sure! Tea made from ground tea powder, will remain the same flavor for up to 24 hours. So you can prepare your tea and stored in fridge safely, when ordered, just slightly shake the container and pour it out. 

Why? Because tea powder is actually numerous tea leaves particles, almost all flavor are released into water immediately when touching water. The flavors will remain stable during the hours later, and won't turn the tea into bitterness juice.

*We recommend tea be used within 24 hours after made for hygiene reason. 

Want to boost your business with tea? Go to our product page to check wholesale price. Or, order our 30g starter bundle, and start to create your own recipe!