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What are the benefits of oolong tea powder?

Oolong tea is medium fermented, medium roasted tea.

Although there can be thousands of ways to make oolong tea, in U•Nature, we insist on traditional ways with more than 100 years of history. That means, our oolong tea is repeatedly roasted up to 10 times, hence present the strong, woody, full-of-layers fragrance.

So, what's good about oolong tea?

1. Traditional oolong tea is perfect for concentration

With the deep woody-fruity fragrance, and caffeine around 2/3 of coffee, oolong tea is you best mate for morning and working. It's not too strong to make your stomach hurt, but can definitely bring you the fresh energy you need.

2. Oolong tea has antioxidants ( catechins) no less than matcha

Catechins can help you loose weight, boost you metabolism,  prevent aging. And, you can get all the goods from drinking oolong tea, too. You can enjoy all the goods from tea while enjoy different tea fragrance.

3. Oolong tea is perfect for drinking in any temperature

Our sensitivity to tea fragrance is deeply affected by temperature. When in low temperature, like iced beverage, the best part of fragrance of tea is usually hart to detect by our nose. 

Not in oolong tea. Because the strong flavor itself, you can still taste and feel the best part of tea.

4. Oolong tea can add unique flavor to other tea

You drink black tea or green tea? Sprinkle some oolong tea powder. Oolong tea can make the whole tea juice more balanced, round and sophisticated.

5. Want to add some distinct tea flavor in your baking or desserts? Oolong tea powder is the best choice.

Make tea-flavored desserts used to be a pain. Now, with oolong tea powder's natural strong flavor, you don't need to deal with all the hassles. Oolong tea powder can stand high temperature baking, oolong flavor won't be pressed by dairy ingredient. 

All natural, yet bring more layers to your creation. Jelly, pudding, custard, chocolate..you name it.

U•Nature produce and wholesale our own tea powder from Taiwan. We offer fast, free shipping from 30g retail to wholesale oder more than 50 kg. Start to enjoy authentic oolong tea, with all the health benefits now.