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Taylor Swift's diet tips for keeping in shape

The secret of losing weight while remaining health is smart diet and exercising. We can only squeeze certain amount of time to exercise, yet we eat and drink many times every single day. So, if you want to keep in shape, pay attention to your daily diet.

So, let's cut to the chase. The tips of smart diet from Taylor Swift told WebND:

1. A lot of salads
➡Dietary fiber help you belly healthy, boost good intestinal bacteria, increase filling sensation, decrease blood sugar surge after meal.

2. Yogurt
➡Rich in protein and good intestinal bacteria. Protein is important part of your body. Don't miss this part in your smart diet.

3. Avoids sugary drinks
➡Added sugar in drinks is extremely bad for your health, but hard to be detected by your body. We can easily swallow gallons of sugary drinks( contain pounds of sugar) without feeling full or satiated. 

4. Give yourself some happy time
➡We all love comfort food and happy time with family and friends. No pressure! Relaxing a bit during weekends. Mental pressure is part of the main reason people quit their healthy diet, so don't push yourself too far.

We say
➡Use ground tea powder, get what you need all at once.
Tea leaves are slowing ground into nano-particles. All the dietary fiber, antioxidants, and tea essence are remained. Without over-processing, you can get fresh, authentic tea within 10 secs. Just put 1 tsp of tea powder into water, shake 10 secs, that's it. Fresh, unsweetened, healthy.