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香氣純正 ,無雜染。






Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea
Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea

Nano tea powder • Oolong Tea

  • Best for After-meal cleanse
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    More About This Product

    With hundreds of years of history, oolong tea has played a huge role in belly degrease and energy maintenance.

    Traditional way of tea drinking is time consuming, and instant powder comes with artificial flavors or additives.  Now, you can fresh tea in 10 secs, and 70% more health benefits with nano oolong tea leaf powder.

    Fresh tea in 10 secs & 70% more health

    The fragrance note of oolong tea is deeper, woody, even with a little bit of caramel. If you prefer stronger, all-rounded flavor, this is for you.

    We pick the best oolong tea, then spend 72 hours to slowly grind tea leaves into nano particles, so that you can enjoy unsweetened oolong tea with good quality anytime, anywhere. In a fast and easy way, AND get 70% more vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber all at the same time.

    Save your time and mone

    1 tea spoon of tea powder is good enough for 600ml (20 oz) tea. It's fresh, easy, and fast.

    What is "ground tea powder" ?

    Simply speaking, it's tea-leaf nano particles.

    We pick premium tea leaves, put them into high-tech mills, then slowly grind tea leaves into extremely fine particles.

    Those tea-leaf particles are super small, they will suspend in water, so you can drink directly. Because it's actually numerous little tea leaves for you to drink, you can get all the antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber all at once.

    70% more health benefits

    According to research done by Japan on 1996, ground tea powder is the secret to make every kind of tea release great amount of antioxidants (catechin compounds). 
    More than 90% of all the nutritions in tea leave would not be released by water brewing. But by drinking ground tea powder, you are able to take in all these antioxidants, vitamins B2, vitamins B6, vitamin E, beta-carotene, niacin. and dietary fiber. These natural goodies can help you prevent aging, boost your metabolism and immune system, reduce inflammation and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

    Fresh tea in  10 secs!


    For drinking

    1. Pour 600ml water  in bottle, add 1 tea spoon of tea powder. Shake 6-10 secs.
    2. Pour 300ml warm milk in bottle, add 1 tea spoon of tea powder. Shake 6-10 secs.
    3. Add ice cubes or sugar as you wish. Easy to match with smoothie, soy milk, almond milk or other beverages.

    For baking

    Tea powder is extremely suitable for desserts and bakery. It can release all natural tea flavor instantly in any kind of liquid. Custard, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, jelly...etc. are all good choices.

    Best quality!

    Premium Oolong Tea 

    Our oolong tea powder is known for strong, sophisticated fragrance note, natural sweetness, and no bitterness at all. It all rely on our high standard quality.
    We cooperate with exclusive tea farmer, who has more than 100 years of tea planting history. Our tea farm is located within designated eco-protection area, all the cultivating is strictly regulated, monitored and checked regularly. 

    Your tea powder is produced with highest standard.

    Temperature and humidity are controlled, factory is ISO & HACCP certificated, the mill is superalloy to reach finest tea particle and prevent debris from mill mixed in your tea powder.

    Every batch takes 72 hours to grind, we insist on slow grinding, to bring out the most tea fragrance and nutrition.

    From farm to YOU 

    We produce tea powder ourselves, then supply directly to you.
    Over the years, we are trusted by numerous customers and local-shop partners. You can enjoy the best quality and price by buying directly from us.


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