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香氣純正 ,無雜染。






About us

We start to produce and supply tea powder in Taiwan, since almost 10 years ago. Then we decided it's time to come to USA. 

The beginning of our journey is based on one belief:

Tea is full of health benefits, but they are not released fully.
Tea is also fun, cool, with almost endless variations. 
But enjoying tea itself has become a formality, a task with pressure. That's not cool at all.

We want to make drinking tea a easy, fresh, authentic trip away for daily stress. Also, get all those goodies from tea leaves, help our bodies defend added sugar and unhealthy meals, which are literally everywhere.

But we don't want those low-quality instant powder. The over-processed powder tastes horrible, and is stripped from any health benefit. So we try to reinvent tea, to make our own ground tea powder. We start to work with best tea farmers, pick & select our own tea, and grind into nano tea powder. Almost all the fresh fragrance, antioxidants and dietary fiber will be released within 10 secs, and you don't need any exotic instrument to enjoy it. Just a bottle of water or milk.

Today, we do retail directly to customers, and supply wholesale tea powder to shops from around the world.

We believe you will like tea and enjoy all the health benefits from tea. Cheers!