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香氣純正 ,無雜染。







What is "ground tea powder"?

Our tea powder is Ground tea powder, not Instant tea powder. That is, we put tea leaves directly into hight-tech mill system, and grind tea leaves until they become nano particles. When you drink or use tea powder, you are actually dancing with numerous tea leaf particles.

So why is ground tea powder better than instant powder?

Fistly, ground tea powder keeps almost all the tea fragrance and nutritions, you can smell and feel the layers and body of fresh, real tea. 

If you've ever taste pure instant tea powder without anything else, you knew instant tea powder tastes horrible. That's because instant tea powder is made from brewing tea juice, then dried into powder. Almost all the goodies will lose during multiple processing steps. Not to mention antioxidants, delicate fragrance and dietary fiber. Only with ground tea powder can you enjoy these goodies.

Secondly, we insist on best tea, slow grinding, humidity & temperature control (our factory is ISO and HACCP certificated). All these efforts make degradation kept on lowest level and the particle finest. Some low-end matcha or tea powders come with bigger tea particles, which is not possible to drink or serve as beverage. Also, if the grinding process is not good enough, tea powder would come with a distinct bitterness and dull taste.

Does "green tea powder" equals "matcha"?

No. Taiwan green tea powder has more natural sweetness, a distinct flowery note, and more ECGs than matcha. But less green in color. The tree species and tea making process are also different. 

Is U•Nature tea powder safe? Do I need to worry about pesticide residue or radiation issues?

Not at all. Taiwan has more than 100 years of history of making tea, and has one of the most strict regulation & monitor standard in tea industry. Our tea farm locates within eco-protection area, the water and soil are closely monitored, radiation pollution is simply not possible. And of course, we regularly update our pesticide report, you can see the newest report here

We've doing retail and wholesale in Taiwan for years, and are trusted by tens of thousands of customers.

What's your recipe suggestion?

1 tsp tea powder + 500ml water = tea
1 tsp tea powder + 300 ml warm milk= latte ( or 100ml hot water+ 300ml ice milk, depends on preference)
Add sugar as you wish.

Tea powder needs to be shaken within water bottle/ shaker or hit by tea whisk to make tea particles suspend in liquid. The liquid you choose should be warm. It will be much harder to use with cold liquid. If you want to make ice beverages, use less warm liquid first, then add ice cubes. For example, use 300ml warm water to shake tea powder, then add ice cubes to 500ml.

Do you do Wholesale?

Yes, we are happy to help you grow your business. On wholesale page,  you can see the price up to 50 kg. You can order online directly. If you need quotation more than 50 kg, please contact us.

Still have questions not answered here?

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