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香氣純正 ,無雜染。






Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale
Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale

Goddess Tea Powder Wholesale

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    ✅ 1 pack of tea powder can make at least 15 bottles of 20 flu oz tea.
    ✅ Fresh tea in 10 secs. Best fragrance with natural sweetness.
    ✅ Get 90% more antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamins.
    ✅ 100% Natural farming. Produced in HACCP & ISO certificated factory.
    ✅ Nothing added. Unsweetened.

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    More About This Product

    The love for  connoisseurs

    Tieguanyin tea, or " Iron Goddess", is very popular in Taiwan, Chinese and Japan. This kind of tea is like tea fragrance kaleidoscope. It's fruity, flowery, with distinct fragrance note. Hard to put in words, but once you taste  Tieguanyin, you will never forget.


    Tieguanyin has it's own natural strong flavor,  so it can easily serve as desserts and bakery ingredient. It won't be covered up by dairy products, and won't loose it's fragrance after baking in high temperature. 

    Tea Powder give you 90% more health benefits!

    According to research done by Japan on 1996,  Medium-rosted tea powder has certain high amount of antioxidants (catechin compounds), in lots of the cases, even more than matcha.


    It's because more than 90% of all the good things in tea leave would NOT be released by water brewing. But by drinking tea powder, you are able to take in all these antioxidants, nutritions and dietary fiber


    Antioxidants can prevent aging, help boost your metabolism and immune system. Dietary fiber can help you fight type 2 diabetics, reduce blood sugar rush and fat absorption from good. And think about all these nutritions released to max volume: vitamins B2, vitamins B6, vitamin E, beta-carotene and Niacin. 

    Enjoy tea powder with ease 


    Our tea powder are all natural, unsweetened, nothing added.

    Tea powder is extremely easy to shake into tea or latte, make ice cream, smoothie, yogurt, custard sauce or candy. You name it. 
    For tea drinking
    It only take you 10 secs, a water bottle/ shaker to enjoy your tea. 
    1. Pour water or milk into bottle. Hot or cold as you wish.
    2. Scoop 1 tsp of tea powder into bottle.
    3. Twist tight the bottle cap,  shake 10 sec. That's it.

    You only need 1 tsp to make a cup tea of 500ml. That's less than 50 cents per cup!
    For Latte, use 1tsp with 300-400 ml warm milk, adjust milk volume with ice cube is you want to make iced latte.
    For baking
    Tea powder is extremely suitable for desserts and bakery.
    No more brewing thick tea juice, no more dealing with tea leaves residue. Just pour in tea powder based on your recipe, then enjoy the all natural tea flavor.

    Our tea powder is full of of natural punch, no artificial flavor. Yet can remain most of the fragrance even AFTER baking in high temperature. Whipped cream, ice cream, or custard sauce? Definitely yes!

    Best quality!

    U•Nature starts from our exclusive tea farm, only work with the best and mature tea producer who has more than 100 Years of family history. Our tea farm is located within designated eco-protection area, all the cultivating is strictly regulated, monitored and checked regularly. Please refer to our lated analytic report.


    We use highest standard grinding process. Temperature & humid are controlled, factory is ISO & HACCP certificated, the mill is superalloy. Instead of stone, iron or other mill material, superalloy is super hard, so you don't have to worry about debris  from mill mixed  in your tea powder.

    Every batch takes 72 hours to grind, we insist on slow grinding, to preserve the most tea fragrance and nutrition.

    From farm to YOU

    We produce tea powder ourselves, then supply directly to you. Transparent price, no middle man, no fuzz.
    Just order online, you order will be fulfilled ASAP. Over the years, we are trusted by our local-shop partners who want easy ways to boost their business by healthy, natural products. 

    Also, we offer first-hand knowledges, answer your questions, keep you updated. No matter you want to enjoy tea powder for yourself or buy bulk wholesale to grow your business, U•Nature is for you!
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